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Alekseev (Alekseeva, Alexeyev, Alexeev, Alexeiev) - russian surname (Алексе́ев). Means "descendent of  Alexey (Алексей)". Alexey is meaning "Defender".

People: Soviet athlete and trainer Viktor Alexeyev (1914–1977); Russian physisist and chemist Vladimir Alexeyev (1852–1919); Hero of the Soviet Union and Roviet admiral Vladimir Alexeyev (1912–1999); Russian military officer Mikhail Alekseev (1857–1918) and other.


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Alexandrov, Aleksandrov (Russian: Александров) is a common Russian last name deriving from the male first name Aleksander (Александр). The name is meaning "Defender of the people", "Defending men" or "Protector of men".

People: Soviet academician and engineer Ivan Alexandrov (1875-1936); Bulgarian revolutionary Todor Aleksandrov (1881–1924); Slovenian poet Josip Murn Aleksandrov (1879); Twice Hero of Socialist Labor Soviet and engineer Alexander Petrovich Alexandrov (1906) and other.


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Andreev (Andreeva) is a common Russian last name deriving from the male first name Andrew (Андрей). Means "descendent of Andrew (Андрей)". The name is meaning "man", "manly" (strong, courageous, warrior).

People: Russian physicist Alexander Andreev (1939); Soviet politician Andrey Andreyevich Andreyev (1895); Russian writer Daniil Andreyev (1906); Soviet cosmonaut Boris Andreyev; Russian writer Leonid Andreyev (1871); Russian actor Vasily Andreyev-Burlak (1843); Russian balalaika virtuoso and musician Vasily Andreyev (1861) and other.


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Baranov, Baranof, Baranoff, Baranova (Russian: Баранов)
Patronymic from Russian baran "argali, lamb".


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Bogdanov or Bogdanova (Russian: Богданов)
Derived from the given name Bogdan. Means "son of Bogdan". The name is meaning "God", and dan (Cyrillic: дан), meaning "given".


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Borisov, Borisova (Russian: Борисов, Борисова)
Means "descendent of Boris (Борис)". The name Boris is meaning "one who fights for glory".


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Fedorov, Fyodorov, Fedorova, Fyodorova (Russian: Федоров, Федорова)
Means "descendent of Fedor (Fyodor, Theodore)". The name is meaning "God's gift".


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Filipov, Filipova (Russian: Филипов)
Derived from the given name Filip (Филипп). The name Filip is meaning "fond of horses" or "horse-loving".